Our Values

Kindness Respect Trust

Our Vision

The Hendon School Community empowers all students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their emotional, social and physical well-being.

We are all life-long learners who contribute to the global world while practising kindness, respect and trust.

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Below is a link to support parents of children with Autism create social scripts to help their children understand and cope with the anxiety associated with COVID-19.


The eSafety Commissioner website has a range of resources available to parents and educators teaching children about safe internet use.


Cosmic Kids is a website that enables access to free yoga, mindfulness and brain breaks via a YouTube link. Great for movement breaks between tasks and the help alleviate anxiety and boredom.


Smiling Mind is a free site which, once an account has been created, provides a series of 20 modules each with 3 components consisting of Learn, Practise and Debrief teaching Mindfulness for years 1-7.

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and without judgement.


Early Learners (suitable for year F-3)


Archie’s Big Book of Friendship Adventures (suitable for year F-3)


Primary Students (suitable for years 4-5)


Teenagers (suitable for years 6/7)


Being Me videos encourages kids to know themselves, like themselves and be themselves. The programs explore issues that concern young people and presents a range of skills to help them manage their lives. The videos are recommended for students in years 4 and 5.


Taking Risks

Power and Responsibility

Making Friends

Keeping Friends


Happy To Be Me